History, Community and Culture in the Hills

Downtown Map

Please use the interface below to navigate the map of downtown Norway. While the entire map is too large to closely view at once, finding your way is easy thanks to some unique software.

To use the Zoomify interface:

  • Click on any point on the map to enlarge it.
  • To move the map right, left, up and down click and drag your mouse, use the arrow keys on your keyboard, or use the arrow buttons on the bottom right of the map's "control panel".
  • To zoom in or out, click on the buttons with the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols.
  • Click on the reset button, the rightmost button on the "control panel," to zoom the map all the way out and center it.
  • When zoomed in, click and drag the navy blue box on the inset map (bottom right corner) to quickly adjust the view of the large map without zooming out.
  • If things look fuzzy, wait a minute; the map is very detailed and it may take a moment to load all of the information.